Pinterest Keyword Research Tips

Keyword research for Pinterest is one of the things that you have to be prepared to do every time you are creating content for your pins.

Pinterest keyword research has a very great impact on your new leads as well as customers in this platform.

You have to know the tips that you should make use of during your keyword research for Pinterest pins, but before that, let’s define what Pinterest keyword research is and why it is important.

What is keyword research?

This is a process that involves identifying the search queries that are popular and relevant depending on the interests of customers.

When pinning posts of Pinterest, keyword research will help you determine the search phrases that your target audiences use most.

What is the importance of Pinterest keyword research?

Pinterest keyword research has several benefits that most people have underestimated for a very long time. One of the benefits of keyword research is that it leads better rankings of your pins and you are likely to reach a higher population of your target users when you conduct your keyword research before pinning any content.

Also, keyword research ensures that you have better leads, and hence you will be promoting your pins to more users unlike if you do not take time to research the keywords you use on your Pinterest pins. As you pin any content on Pinterest, one of the things that you hope for is visibility.

Keyword research helps you to implement high traffic keywords in your pins, and this helps you to become more visible. When your pins become more visible, more and more customers are likely to click on them a get to read the information that you have for them. This, in return, will help you increase your rankings.

Now that you know what keyword research is and the role that it plays in Pinterest pins, I have come up with several tips that will help you perfect your keyword research for your pins at Pinterest. The keyword research tips include;

Know your target and existing audience

This is the most overlooked tips, but one of the most important when it comes to Pinterest keyword research. Keyword research is very important for your pins, but before you start researching the type of keywords you will be using for your pins, you have to make sure that you know your audience well.

When you know the kind of people you are optimizing for, it will be easier for you to research on the keywords that you will be using. When you know your audience, you will b able to know the topics that are relevant to them, which is the first step to selecting the keywords you will be using in your pins. This will help you draw as many audiences as possible to your site.

Use keywords to create the content for your pins

Most of the people usually use the content they have for their pins to deliver the keywords that they will be using in their pins. However, I’m afraid that’s not right. You should not use your content to come up with the keywords to use. Instead, you should make sure that you use the keywords to drive you in the process of creating the content for your pins.

When you have reviewed your keyword list, then it will be easy for you to get fresh opportunities for better content ideas. When you do this, you will not have to scramble for the keywords you will be using after you have your content ready. It ensures that you have great target keyword phrases right from the start of your content creation.

Make use of offline magazines

There are so many offline magazines that can give you the direction to follow when you are researching the keywords to use for your Pinterest pins. It would be best if you started reading these offline magazines. Make sure that you find out the keywords that are used in these magazines that are related to your field of specialization. When you read these magazines, you will get so many ideas that will help you when you are coming up with the keywords for your Pinterest pins.

The main reason you should use the magazines is that so much money has been invested in editing the magazines before they are complete. For this treason, you are sure that there are no mistakes that can be in these, magazines and their keywords selection. Therefore, the offline magazines will provide you with a perfect tool to find out the type of keywords you should use on the contents for your pins.

Use traffic analytic tools

Most people will never use the tools that provide reports when they are researching the keywords. One thing that you should know about these analytic tools is that they are very important in the keyword research and selection process.

They help you analyze traffic trends which helps you identify the types of keyword that are driving keywords to people’s pins. This enables you to come up with the perfect keywords that will help you build the trending keywords so as you are sure that they will drive more users to your pins.

Find keywords that are related for your pins

There are so many ways in which you can drive the same point at the same time. Using keywords that have similar meanings is one of the ways that will help you pass across your message to your audience, Therefore, if you have been having a hard time coming up with keywords for your pins on Pinterest, think about the keywords or keyword phrases that mean the same thing and then use them in your pins. These keywords will help you pass the same idea but in different ways.

Target keywords with longtail phrases

Most of the people choose to use keywords that have one word on their contents. However, when you do this, it will be very hard for you to be specific as far as the topics for your pins are concerned. For instance, when you use the word training as your keyword, you will not be specific to what you are referring to.

Your users will tend to think about different things such as sports training, pet training and even employee training. Therefore, you have to make user that you use more than two r three words in your keyword phrases so that you can be specific about what you mean in your keywords.

The other thing with the longtail keywords is that they do not have competition when users are searching for them, which increases the odds for your users to find your pins faster that if you use one-word keywords.

Provide answers to your users

Whenever you are creating content for your pins, you have to make sure that your pins are impressive and not junky. Your keyword selection is one of the things that will make your pins to be impressive.

I know you may be wondering how but it’s very simple. When people are searching for certain keywords, they are always seeking for answers to the questions that they have in mind. It may be very hard for you to know the exact questions that people ask depending on certain topics, but several tools will help you come up with these questions.

When you identify these questions, you can make use of them to derive keywords in your content that will help you provide the answers the public require. Therefore, every time people search using keywords that are like those you have used or similar to yours, they will always find answers in your pins. This increases the number of users who click on your pins and find them resourceful.

Find keywords that are ranked highly

When you are writing your content, you have to know that Pinterest rarely ranks content that is user-generated since it may be poorly written and low in quality. Therefore, the pins that have been highly ranked consist of very uncompetitive topics and ideas. Therefore, when you use such pins, you will be able to know the types of keywords that are highly ranked, and this will help you come up with keywords for your pins.

Find out the keywords being used by your competitors

If you want to be better in your pins, you have to make user that you know what your competitors are doing. Therefore, you need to make sure that take your time and research on the keywords being used by your competitors as part of your keyword research. This is also a very simple tip, but very few people will consider the tip important.

When you know what keywords are being used by your competitors, you will be able to target the customers that are looking for those keywords. You can also use the keywords or keyword phrases that have been used by your competitors to come up with longtail keywords and keyword ideas for your pins.

Always avoid using the keywords that have high ranking since very few users will click on such keywords or keyword phrases, this is because your competitors have already provided users with the answers to the questions they have been having in mind. As a result, you should look for the keywords and phrases that do not have high competition.

You can count on these keywords and are worth your time and resources since users will want someone to provide the answers to the questions they have based on these topics. As a result, they will use the content that you come up with when they search for the keywords that you have used.


The above keyword research tips for your Pinterest pins will help you not only in your research, but also provide you with more keyword opportunities.

You have to remember that keyword research is one piece for your Pinterest optimization. You should not only be bothered by the type of keywords you use but also the content you come up with.

This means that since you are using high-quality keywords, you have to make sure that the content in your pin has the same quality as your keywords.