About Lisa Hughes

Lisa Hughes is an avid blogger, foodie, wife, traveler, and writer.

She currently runs Knowledge Fastlane and helps thousands of people each and every month through her blog posts.

When she’s not busy spending time writing, she can usually be found cooking and enjoying time with her 2 daughters and husband.

Lisa Hughes

Why Knowledge Fastlane

I like helping people, and that is why I invested so much time and energy in creating this website and ensuring that I provide the most accurate recommendations that capture every detail to help you succeed online.

I’m here to help to share my learnings from working in digital marketing for over a decade and speed up your learning curve.

I cover topics such as digital marketing, blogging, Search Engine Optimisation, and Copywriting.

I live an active lifestyle in Sydney, Australia. Our time is short, so we try and make the most of it. Being in my mid 30’s, it’s important to live a fulfilling life.

After all, I want to be around this world for a long time, so I eat healthy, train at the gym 3 times a week and, most importantly, try and maintain a positive outlook on life.