How to Write Effective Pinterest Pins and Boards Descriptions

If you wish your pins to be seen by more people and you want to drive more traffic, you need to understand how the best board descriptions are written. People usually do not know the importance and effect the description will have on your pin or board.

What people usually do is, create eye-catching images and pay zero attention to the description and title. As a result, the exposure their pins and boards get is almost negligible. In order to make your Pins perform better, make sure to completely fill each and everything strategically.

Continue to read forward if you want to know how a Pinterest Board description works and what practices you should adopt to make it better.

What is a Pinterest board description?

A Pinterest board is like an album which includes different pins. A board should include a specific type of pins. It is necessary to add the description to the board so that people would know what is included in it.

In order to add a description, you should simply click on a board you want to edit, and click on the edit icon. It will take you to the bar where you can write up to 500 characters that best define your board.

The name and description of the board should be relevant. Adding the right keywords in the description and the name will help you drive more traffic.

What edits can you make to your board?

There is an option of adding a Board cover. While optimizing the board, don’t forget to add an attractive image relevant to the topic you are going to discuss in future. Attractive images always play a significant role in driving traffic as it is the first thing a user sees.

The name and title is the second thing you should focus upon. Select a topic and add relevant keywords in both the title and the description.

There is a bar named “Date”. It is a good addition that helps you in organizing your board. You can add a starting and ending date which keeps your mind at ease by letting you not to worry about it. However, this is optional. You can ignore it if you want.

Adding to more ease, it has some other options like adding reminders, checklist, and Pins as notes. This option is not available for desktop yet. You can create notes on android and iOS only.

There are deleting and archiving options for boards as well. When you have archived a board, you will not be able to add pins to it. It will not be visible to the public as well.

Deleting a board once cannot be restored. Make sure to delete a board only when you never want to see it again.

How to make the Pinterest Board description effective?

Select a category

The board you have created must belong to a specific category. For example, you have created a board containing pins that have information about the winter season. The “winter season” is the main keyword here and the topic your pins in this board should include is winter season only.

Add relevant keywords

Start finding the keywords relevant to the topic you will post about in this board. Select some 5 to 6 best keywords that people are searching and then use it in the description naturally. Do not try to stuff the keywords.

The clarity in the description

Your description should have a clear tone of what you are going to post about. The topic you will cover in the board should be clearly mentioned. Do not try to misguide the user by telling them the stories of something of which there’s no trace in the board.

Long-tail keywords

Make sure the description includes possibly everything relevant to the topic. Do not hesitate to insert long keywords. They will help the board get optimised and drive better traffic. Do not forget to tell the visitor about what they will learn through this and why the visitor should be there.

While keeping these points in your mind, you can create the best board description that is not out of context and will create a positive impact on the user. Clarity is a must among all the mentioned points. Without understanding what the board is all about, how can a user bother to look into it? Keyword researching and adding it the right way is another important factor.

Just avoid short-cuts by merely stuffing the keywords. Search engines have become advanced enough to understand the tricks being played upon them. Therefore, creating strategies and playing smartly is a key to success.

What is a Pinterest Pin description?

The Pinterest pin description is located at different places depending upon the device you are using. It is located under the pin image if you are viewing it on a mobile phone. However, it is located to the right of the image if you are on your desktop.

It basically includes the information about what your pin has. If it is a product you are marketing, you will add the description of the product which includes its price, brand name and the link to the webpage. Your Pinterest pin description helps the visitors in understanding what the pin is all about. An effective Pinterest description will help improve engagement.

How Pinterest Pins description improves performance?

Board description is not only necessary to attract users, but it is also essential to drive traffic. Adding the right keywords in the right way will help your pins stand in the best place in Pinterest algorithms. But one thing you should pay special attention to is, adding keywords naturally will help in your profile optimization while stuffing keywords will merely harm your profile.

In a study done by Pinterest in 2018, They surveyed around 21,000 different pins. Based on the descriptions and designs of those pins, the data collected were:

  • The signup rate improved by 70% if you use clear and direct wording to call people to buy your products.
  • Adding a price to your product actually works. It increased sales by 28%.

These analytics clearly shows how your wording and description matters while selling a product on Pinterest. People show more interest in the products that have a thorough and complete description.

How do the right keywords help with optimizing Pinterest description?

The keywords that you will add in your pins description, Titles, and pictures has so much to do with the people who are going to view it. Make sure to add only relevant keywords. This makes it easy for the Pinterest algorithm to target a specific audience.

Make sure to add the keyword everywhere in your picture, title, and description. Just do not stuff it, add the keywords naturally. This will optimize your pin and your pin will have higher chances to be shown when people are searching for that keyword.

Adding unrelated keywords will not only reduce the performance of your pin, but it can also be reported as spam.

How to add the right keywords?

While creating a pin, you might not know which keyword is the right to add. One thing that always helps my pins stand out is I consider myself as the person searching for that particular thing.

With that said, I start searching for different words. Some of the keywords are small while others are long. Both of them are important to be included in the description to ensure that your pin is reaching the right kind of audience. I make a list of those keywords and simply test them with keyword research tools. You can find various authentic keywords researching apps with which you can perform this step.

How does board description work when it is missing sometimes? In this regard, Pinterest has to say that. A description might look different across different devices. In some cases, it will be visible while in others, it is not. The keywords added in the description are working behind the scene. Visibility of titles alone is sometimes enough to attract users.

How to write effective Pinterest descriptions?

Until now, we have discussed enough how a good description works. Now we will dive deep into what practices you should adopt to write an effective pin description.

Write lengthy description

In order to get better exposure, make sure to use the keywords in the description naturally. To use the keywords naturally, the description should be of considerable length. Pinterest allows you to write a maximum of 500 characters which is enough to add the keywords creatively.

In addition to the right amount of keywords, make sure to include your brand name. Adding the brand name attracts the users to go and check what they have to offer.

Add important details in the beginning

If the pin description is visible to the visitors, it is likely that they will see 50 to 60 characters only. Therefore, it is important to understand which information to add to what place.

In my recommendation, add your brand name, what you offer and the keyword (at least once) in the beginning. This will attract the user to see what your brand has to offer. You can see this example to understand what I want to elucidate.

“Are you looking for some comfortable athletic shoes? Conwise will provide you with the best quality comforting shoes that are easy to wear and gives you the freedom to walk freely all day. We got super affordable shoes starting from $12.90.”

From this example, you can clearly see what I wanted to explain. It is just 200 characters long including the brand name, a little bit of description, and the pricing. “Athletic shoes” is a keyword here which has been used once.

Add a call to action

A complete description must include a call to action. Adding something like “Check out our page for more details”, attracts the users to a really good extent. You can either add the link after such phrases or simply you can backlink them. This results in comparatively a larger traffic driving towards your blog which is in turn of your benefit.

Not only this, asking some interesting questions related to the pin-like “What is your skincare routine?” will inspire people to comment. Similarly, you can ask people to like and repin to increase exposure.

Sharing other people’s work

Not only on Pinterest, but this trick works great for almost all social media platforms. In order to get better exposure, you should share other people’s work.

Commenting kind words on other people’s posts will help you develop a good relationship with other content creators. Nice people are always there who return the favour. Therefore, never hesitate to give a like, dropping a comment or sharing other creators’ work. This will help you grab their attention.

Add a link

If you are a brand working to promote your products on Pinterest, inserting a link to your pins is the best option. If you are adding a product on the pin image, do not forget to add a link to the webpage. People interested in the product might want to know the details and pricing. It is necessary to insert the link to get more traffic on your website.

One thing everyone must consider is that the link you are inserting should be relevant to the pin. Irrelevant links will cause you more harm than benefits. Pinterest might report it as spam. Not only this you have a higher chance of losing your followers.

All the aforementioned tips are important to have a well-optimized pin. Out of all these if you want to extract the most essential things, make sure not to forget about the keywords.

Add the right amount of keywords, the right way. Inserting keywords randomly will merely harm your pin rather than getting exposure.

People searching for a particular thing need inspiration for that specific thing only. If you are taking them to any other irrelevant links your pin will be reported as spam.

Don’t forget to add the correct description of whatever the thing you have posted about. The title should also be specific.

Keeping certain things in mind and paying a bit more attention to your pin will drive more traffic, better engagement, and exposure