Filthy Rich Writer Review – Copywriting Academy Course

If you are looking for a copywriting course that will enhance your copywriting career and take it to the next level, you’re in the right place. The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy from Filthy Rich Writer is the best copywriting course.

The author of the Filthy Rich Writer and the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course is Nicki Krawczyk, a well-established copywriter with thousands of successful students across the world that are part of this life-changing career opportunity.

Continue to read to find out more about my review of the best copywriting course you can find right now.

Who is Nicki Krawczyk?

Nicki Krawczyk

Nicki Krawczyk is the founder of founder of Filthy Rich Writer.

She has been writing copy for more than 15 years, working with clients including Hasbro, TripAdvisor, T.J.Maxx, Keurig, Adidas, Reebok, and many more, which has meant a 6-figure+ per year writing income, all while working from home.

She provides help, resources, and training to get you into the copywriting career you want.

The good news… Nicki is willing to share her entire copywriting strategy and business plan with you for FREE.

During a 1 hour free class, you will get a ton of actionable, easy to use tactics to get you started as a copywriter and to get you clients fast!

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Free Video Training

Nicki Krawczyk has put together a free video training for you to check out…

it’s called “How to land freelance copywriting work”, without wasting time on frustrating job-bidding sites or cold-calling strangers!

It’s got a lot of information about what you can expect as a copywriter and how you can decide if it might be for you.

During a 1-hour class, you will get a ton of actionable, easy-to-use tactics to get you started as a copywriter and to get you clients fast!

Here is what you’ll discover in Nicki’s call:

 ✅ How to Land Tons of Copywriting Work (That Isn’t Even Advertised to the Public)

 ✅ How to (Ethically) Copy the Exact Steps to Take to Make it to 6 Figures as a Copywriter

 ✅ How to Build a Copywriting Career in Less Time Than It Takes to Have a Cup of Coffee

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What are Nicki’s students saying?

Filthy Rich Writer – Copywriting Academy Course Review

You are probably at the beginning of your career, or you are an experienced writer who needs a boost in a career.

No matter your intentions, it is important to understand what a course like Comprehensive Copywriting Academy can get you in a short period of time.

It is a complete guide to becoming a high-paid and well-known copywriter.

What’s inside the course?

Module 1 – Copywriting Fundamentals

In module 1, you will find out that copywriting is a unique profession and it differs from any other kind of writing.

For example, if you have experience in writing books or poems, you may need a completely new tutorial on how to write copies.

At the same time, you need to learn to create the brand voice that will resonate with your client’s voice in order to sell the product to the audience.

You will also learn about the key principles and benefits of the copywriting materials that are aimed to provide a certain value to the readers.

Module 2 – Copywriting Tactics

Nicki Krawczyk believes in the power of tools. In this module, she explains how to use your words to convey the exact message to the clients.

It is important to have an emotional hook and to listen to what your readers are interested in when it comes to the product or service that you are describing.

You will also know how to have confidence when writing and how to tell the exact words that sell the product.

Module 3 – The Project Lifecycle

Each project has a lifecycle that is more than obvious.

First of all, the idea is coming out of the client’s imagination. Secondly, they expect you to create a copy based on the exact idea. In the end, you need to struggle with the idea and make it live and transferred in the style of a copy.

How to make all these things possible? Simply by creating a plan. You need a plan that will allow you to segment each step of the process of making a copy.

Subsequently, you need the tools and the help of the designer to complete the idea. All these steps are explained in module 3 of the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course.

Nicki Krawczyk

Module 4 – Interactive Copywriting

Interactive copywriting is all about different types of copywriting skills and their implementation in real=time situations.

You will learn how to manage different copywriting tasks, like writing copies for websites, mobile sites, emails, and banner ads.

Also, you will see how to create content writing pieces that will wow your clients. It is fundamentally relevant to know all these skills as you differentiate your writing for different clients.

Module 5 – Print Copywriting

How many times have you wondered how the print media would accept your piece of content? In print copywriting, it is essential to distribute your content outside of the online world and create something good for the print media. In module 5, you will find out more about the newspapers, magazine ads, and print sales letters.

There are also some skills that are important for direct mails and corporate pieces. This type of copywriting is slightly different than other types of business, which is why the founder of the course brings this to the table.

Everyone loves to see the work in printed media because print media and advertising have a huge portion of interaction between the brands and the consumers.

Module 6 – Building Your Business

Now when you know what to expect from the previous modules, there is some more knowledge to get here.

he Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course teaches you how to make an actual business out of copywriting.

Managing orders, getting new clients, earning as much as you want, and building a business from the ground way up are all the skills that you need to have in order to succeed.

Module 6 gives you full and excellent insights into time management, career building, and future advancement in your copywriting career.

Additional Materials and Support

Copywriting Academy Course Logo

As you can see, the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course offers some great points that are relevant for every copywriter who wants to have success.

The more you explore the course, the more growth opportunities you will find. In this light, we also see that you can get personal help via coaching calls where you can ask for help or ask a question. Each call is recorded and kept in a database of student calls.

Student Only Facebook Group

At the same time, you have daily support in the student-only Facebook group where you can discuss the relevant points and get the answers you need. You can also post here some of the achievements you made and get the likes of the fellow members. Why not trying to post some ads too? The members will like them as well.

What is also interesting about this online copywriting course is the number of additional materials that each student gets during the course. Here, you can find 15 additional courses that speak about the professional side of copywriting where the author gives you some great tips and tricks.

Course bonuses

Here are the 15 bonuses included in the course:

  1. How to Price Your Services
  2. Find Small Business Clients
  3. How to Create Spec Ads
  4. Build Your Online Portfolio
  5. Create Your Print Portfolio
  6. How to Write for Solopreneurs
  7. How to Write Product Descriptions
  8. How to Write Webinars
  9. How to Write Videos
  10. Land Ad Agency & In-House Agency Work
  11. How to Always Be Working
  12. How to Use Facebook to Build Your Business
  13. How to Write Sales Pages
  14. Make Your Portfolio Site a Business-Generating Machine Masterclass
  15. Client-Pitching Masterclass

All the additional courses are crafted with the attention to each detail that a copywriter must know.

For this reason, I consider the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course one of the best copywriting courses you can find at the moment.

Here is what you get:

  • In-depth modules and additional courses
  • Full support during and after the training
  • Solutions to every relevant copywriting question


Looking at other online copywriting courses gives you a better perspective about the potential of the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course.

In this course, everything is explained in an easy-to-digest mode, so you can find everything you need to become a great copywriter.

Not only the knowledge is there, but also the guidance through the process of becoming a successful copywriter. For all these reasons, we believe each person who takes the course will have the right support from the very beginning.

From the first module on how to differentiate copywriting from other types of writing to the last module on how to build a solid business, Nicki will show you everything you need to know about copywriting.

She also dives deep into the printed media and accentuates the main points of print marketing and ads.

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